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Veronica Young, April 26, 2012

Hey! I’m Veronica from North Adams High School. I did my carbon calculations last week and I was shocked to see my results. I didn’t realize how much carbon was realized by purchasing things. Any ideas how to reduce my average?

Veronica Young
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  • Jasmine Elerian Jasmine Elerian April 30, 2012
    hey, look you could reuse things you know you don't really need more of, that way factories don't have to produce as much. you could also use recycable bags instead of plastic bags at the market or whatever…
  • Shaneikiah Bickham Shaneikiah Bickham May 8, 2012
    great ideas, jasmine!
  • Farah makhlouf Farah makhlouf May 20, 2012
    Hi my name is Hannan Hassan, but i am using my friend’s account because there is something wrong with mine. I have a very good idea, you can reduce the use of plastic bags, like when you go shopping reuse the bags more than once. Recycle things like plastics and papers.
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Veronica Young

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