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Vendela R, April 22, 2012

when playing around with the calculator, i realized how high my carbon footprint is due to all the flights i make across the globe to visit my family in southern africa. i also realized how drastically the footprint decreased when changing meat quantites.
i would thus like to promote locally produced goods that can be transported within a country with environmental friendly veichles.

By promoting days like Meat Free mondays, which really isnt very hard because you do survive one meet free day per week, its not very much at all, and buying locally produced meat, we can make a huge difference on our co2 emissions!

ofcourse the problem remains that not everything can be produced everywhere at all times, but better start where we can instead of doing nothing! daily life changes is the most important factor in improving our results and reducing our co2 emissions. recycling papers and waste materials, turning off the tap when not using water while brushing our teeth, filling the dishwasher BEFORE turning it on will make a difference. dont wait for them big politicans and environment people to come up with a big fancy solution that will cause a paradyme shift in our society and ways of living, when doing things that should be obvious to us can make a huge difference immediately!

Be smart -Save the planet ^^

Vendela R
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  • bryan metz bryan metz April 24, 2012
    i agree 112% with everything you said.
  • brandon bailey brandon bailey April 24, 2012
    i agree. everyone should be able to not eat meat aleast one day of the week .
  • abdelhamid derawi abdelhamid derawi May 5, 2012
    I strongly agree we should decrease the percentage of meat eaten daily. But then we should also decrease the amount of trees cut down every day.
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Vendela R

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