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Tilen C-Slovenia, May 10, 2012

Hello everybody!
I’m Tilen and I’m from Slovenia. We got an assigment at our school to calculate our carbon footprint. I calculated that my footprint is 6159 kg of CO2 per year. My footprint is still lower than average in Slovenia. I thought that my carbon footprint will be higher than Slovenian average but I’ll still try to get it lower. My footprint is larger than average only in “home” category. I think I could get it lower by unpluging all electricals instead off leaving them on stand by. At the trasportation section I can’t get it any lower because it’s quite small if we compare it to Slovenian average and it would be even smaller but I flied 2 times last year.. My oppinion that this CO2 calculator is good thing because we can really see in which sections our footprint is too large. I’ll definitly try to get it lower.

Tilen C-Slovenia

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Tilen C-Slovenia

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