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Tamara James, Jan. 25, 2012

How the Fashion Industry Is Embracing Social Media

Marc Jacobs has done an impressive job integrating its brand into the traditional social media sites, but the high fashion brand really shines when it comes to its work with Foursquare.


Victoria’s Secret has nearly 17 million likes on Facebook, and is currently engaging over 250K users at any given time. The brand is also over-active on Twitter and YouTube, extending its social media reach into every conversation possible.

Clearly, there’s no reason for the fashion industry not to embrace social media. In many ways, seeing the fashion industry communicating with consumers almost humanizes it. It allows customers to voice opinions right to the source while showing off.

Tamara James
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  • Eduardo Cestaro Eduardo Cestaro Feb. 10, 2012
    I enjoyed this article, thanks for sharing it. Currently I am investing in a Fashion Blog with a group of friends and acquaintances so it's nice to see that it is growing worldwide.

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