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Discussions Discussion Internet’s Role in Popular Uprising
Steurt Strickland, Feb. 18, 2012

Putin on trial? Fake video goes viral in Russia:

A startlingly realistic fake “breaking news” video purporting to show the arrest and trial of Vladimir Putin has gone viral, garnering well over 3 million hits since it was posted on YouTube on Monday.

Styled as a breaking news item, it also charges Putin under Article 205 of Russia’s criminal code “as a person who assisted in an act of terrorism to intimidate the population.”

Any Russian will immediately recognize this as a reference to a still unsolved 1999 wave of apartment bombings that killed almost 300 people in their sleep, transfixed Russians with fear, and led to the overwhelming victory of the tough-talking former KGB agent, Putin, in parliamentary and subsequent presidential polls.

Very creative and powerful use of social media for political protest, here!

Steurt Strickland

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