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Sarah N-Spain, March 1, 2012

Hello people! Have you ever heard about the “neutrinos”? If you have, what do you think about the fail in the cable?

Sarah N-Spain
Comments (3)
  • Jason Hodin Jason Hodin March 2, 2012
    To me, this is a great story about how the scientific community at large reacts to new findings. Scientists are skeptical about research findings and won't believe them unless they are tested and retested.

    This should be a lesson to people who believe, for example, that human indiced climate change and evolution are scientific conspiracies. They are not. They are, instead, incredibly well tested scientific theories that are supported over and over again by the overwhelming data.
  • Maeva P-Spain Maeva P-Spain March 5, 2012
    Ok,I think that could pass, but is a little shiit
  • Sarah N-Spain Sarah N-Spain March 7, 2012
    Maeva, I'm sorry but I don't like your vocabulary!! xD

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Sarah N-Spain

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