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Sangwon Kim, April 14, 2011

Hello there!
My name is Sangwon Kim, a student from Seoul International School in South Korea. I believe that the Korean metro/subway system is very well organized and public transportation is one of the most effective in the world. I suggest that some of you guys might like to check out the transportation system? Thank you!

Regards from South Korea

Sangwon Kim
Comments (3)
  • Jason Hodin Jason Hodin April 15, 2011
    Hi Sangwon- Have you been to other cities in other countries? If so, in what way is Seoul's transit system better organized and more effective than what you have seen elsewhere? I have never been to South Korea- I would love to go someday.
  • Enea Kavčič Enea Kavčič April 15, 2011
    that is so cool :). in slovenia we have horrible transport sistem. i wish we would have better train sistem.
  • Enea Kavčič Enea Kavčič April 20, 2011
    i was in London few months ago and they have great transport system. in city center you have to pay high fee if you want to have your own car, so there is not a lot of cars in there. all transport are done with buses, taxis and trains (both underground and normal). i just love London :)

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Sangwon Kim

United States

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