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Rebeka P-Slovenia, April 27, 2012

I admit I am not a real role-model of an eco friend, but I try not to spend money on things like mobile phones and mp3s when I don’t need new ones. I get a new mobile phone about every two years, and I know that some people might think that’s a long period of time or too soon to buy a new one, but I buy those things when the old ones are broken and not worth to be fixed. I really am not addicted to electronic devices that much; I prefer a long walk or maybe a short trip with a coffee stop. However I don’t care what society thinks of my mobile phone, because if it pleases me, it’s other’s problem if they don’t like it. I live in a country that’s open-minded and people don’t usually judge you by your phone.

Rebeka P-Slovenia
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  • Alexandra K-Sweden Alexandra K-Sweden Sept. 27, 2012
    Hello Rebeka. I don't think your argument is sustainable since you are not trying to decrease the carbon footprinting in Slovenia nor the World. If everyone will keep on having the same attitude as you do, we won't come very far with trying to decrease the carbon footprinting. Why don't you just realize that is is a problem which needs to be solved and take action?! Pretending that the Worlds carbon footprinting is not a problem won't help us move forward in this environment problem! Please think it over/ from Sweden

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Rebeka P-Slovenia

Šolski center Srečka Kosovela Sežana

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