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Rana Taha, May 5, 2012

My name is Rana Taha. I’m from Egypt, Cairo. I go to the American International School. we’ve been asked to do a survey (Footprint) so we could find out how much Co2 we use in our daily lives. My Co2 results were about the same as an average person, but some parts from our survey i wasted too much Co2. I learned that everyone could make a big difference by taking small steps that would effect make our country a better place. I also learned several ways to to increase my Co2. Whenever i want to go out with friends i would ask them from a pick up that would help make it easier and less time. I have to turn off the lights whenever i’m not using them, as well as any other electronics that i’m using. If i want to do go for shopping i would go for a walk that would help increase my Co2.

Rana Taha
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  • Omar Tolba Omar Tolba May 5, 2012
    my carbon foot print results were almost like yours.

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Rana Taha

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