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Discussions Discussion Internet’s Role in Popular Uprising
Rafi Chandio, Nov. 21, 2011

Egyptian Blogger Uses Nudity to Protest: CAIRO — Aliaa Magda Elmahdy apparently thought she was striking a blow for free expression in Egypt when she posted nude photographs of herself on a blog. Instead Ms. Elmahdy set off a wave of outrage, stoking conservative Islamist sentiments that many Islamist liberals fear will undermine their prospects in the country’s parliamentary election.

Soon after the post went live, apparently admiring allies sent out Twitter messages in support, inaugurating the nationwide debate. “A feminist #Jan25 revolutionary posted her nude photo on the internet to express her freedom. I’m totally taken back by her bravery!!” one ally, Ahmad Awadalla, a human rights activist, said on Twitter.

Rafi Chandio

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