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Discussions Discussion ISCFC Teacher Planning, Feb 2014
Paolo Jacomelli, Nov. 14, 2011

one of my fellow teachers held a posters exhibition about global warming 4 years ago. You can see the materials he used in the following link:


Have you done similar exhibitions at your schools?


Paolo Jacomelli
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  • Katerina Savoulidi Katerina Savoulidi Nov. 14, 2011
    Hello Paolo,

    and thank you for posting this material. I think it will help us a lot (at least it will help me). My school is located in a very old, unsuitable for school, building and it's not easy to make an exhibition.
    I wonder which is the right way, better which is the more effective way to empower students to change harmful habits. From my experience from other projects, only students actively involved with a project seem to be influenced.

  • Anna Johansson Anna Johansson Nov. 15, 2011
    Thanks Paolo!
    I will definitely show this page to my pupils for inspiration!

    I'm now planning to let my pupils do their own blog/webpage/youtube-clip about an environmental issue and it's impact on nature and socio-economic consequences.

    If anyone would like to cooperate with me about creating this I'd be happy to do a cross border collaboration. Just tell me if you want to join or share ideas :)

    If this is “too big” project, I would also be very happy to have mini-workshops over skype some day next week (live discussions). The topics could be inspired by the forum here in this project.

    You will find my pupils active on this forum again on Friday :)

  • Katerina Savoulidi Katerina Savoulidi Nov. 15, 2011
    Hello Anna,
    I like your idea about cross border collobotation. For us the ISCFC project was the initiative and we will go on working on how “greenhouse effect” influence our health. My students will also be active on this forum on Friday morning (late after 11.30).

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Paolo Jacomelli

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