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Discussions Discussion Internet’s Role in Popular Uprising
Nina Dumas, Feb. 6, 2012

Feminist punk band Pussy Riot take revolt to the Kremlin

Anonymous band with provocative anti-Putin lyrics – who have become a symbol of Russian youth’s discontent – are preparing for their next surprise performance.


The band began writing songs with lyrics such as: “Egyptian air is good for the lungs / Do Tahrir on Red Square!” and performing on trams and in the metro. Videos of the flash gigs began spreading across the internet. When the protest leader Alexey Navalny was jailed for 15 days after his arrest during Russia’s first post-election protest on 5 December, three members of Pussy Riot took to the roof of the jail where he was being held, setting off red flares as they sang “Death to prison / Freedom to protest!”

Nina Dumas
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  • JP Lopez JP Lopez Feb. 8, 2012
    This is awesome. Where can i buy their CD?!!!

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