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Nada Mohamed, May 1, 2012

Hi everybody, my name is Nada Khaled, I’m Egyptian and I’m a 10th grader in AISE(the American International School in Egypt). At the moment I started hearing ms. bickham my physical science teacher talking about the Carbon Footprint Challenge, I was extremely exited to join the discussion, to exchange ideas and ways in order to reduce the amount of our CO2. When I started to do my first objective, which was the survey I expected that my CF would be below average. But I was really surprise after completing the survey, because I realized that I was above average and I also knew that I’m using and doing a lot of stuff that really increase the amount of CO2. My amount of CF was really high, because of not recycling unused papers, of travelling a lot without having breaks between every flight and another, and also because of shopping a lot, which makes the factories always producing new products instead of recycling them. The most useful step that I took in this interesting project was the survey, as it helped me a lot in knowing my amount of CF and how to reduce it, in order to protect the environment and the earth. From the things that I knew from the survey to reduce my amount of CF is to always recycle the unused products, to try to reduce burning fuels, for example in cars and to try walk more or ride a bike. Also, I could decrease my CF per year by reducing the chances of shopping and try to buy used stuff. I really liked this project, it taught me a lot with giving me various ways and ideas to decrease out CF and protect our Earth. Thanks:)

Nada Mohamed
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  • Kit B. Seattle, U.S.A Kit B. Seattle, U.S.A May 1, 2012
    This challenge is a good idea because it allows you to see where you need to work on decreasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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Nada Mohamed

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