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Miguel Martínez, Feb. 20, 2012

Hi! My name is Miguel Martínez Navarro Gonçalves Ciordia Gonzalez, I´m form Zaragoza Spain. The last week in the sochool we should a work for know our carboon footprint. The mine is 5979.
This proyect is very interseting for arouse the students with the environment and reduce our pollution. In my opinion the consume by person is very much in Spain. For curiosity I look for the consum in EE. UU. is surprising, in some states the consum is very lower but in others states (Washington, New York…) the consume is the higest of the world.
At the transports I have a high consume because I have travelled to London by plane.
I could reduce consume in home if I would haves used less hours the computer.
My consume in food and purchases is optim so I could reduce a little more but it is good

Miguel Martínez
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  • Mahmoud Ghidan Mahmoud Ghidan May 5, 2012
    Compared to the average of your country thats good! One way of reducing your transportation co2 use, is that you could ride a bike to and from nearby places. Keep it up! ;)

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Miguel Martínez

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