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Michael Hacker, April 26, 2012

Hello people of the WORLD! My name is Michael Hacker and recently paticipated in this so called Carbon Footprint Challenge. I’ve thought of a couple of ways to reduce the production of carbon…. Recycle and ride a bike SON!

Michael Hacker
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  • Michael Hacker Michael Hacker April 30, 2012
    Thank you Casey!
  • Ryan Miracle Ryan Miracle April 30, 2012
    My family takes metal food cans and just about any other kind of metal to a recycling center about once every two months.
  • shahd bahaa shahd bahaa May 4, 2012
    recycling is a great way to reduce the co2 that factories give off, and bikes are great for the amout of co2 cars produce. you can make more people involved in your plan like your family and friends to get a greater result. great job keep up the good work and i might try to use your plan even though the bike part is a bit hard for me considering i live im egypt. just keep it up.
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Michael Hacker

North Adams High School
United States

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