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Meghan Hawthorn, April 27, 2012

good day, i’m meghan from north adams highschool- located in the usa. excuse my lack of capitalization; my wrist is in a brace.
anyway, i completed my carbon footprint a week or so ago, and i was somewhat surprised to find that it was significantly less than most anyone in my area, and, as i found out by browsing through the different countries, that i could live in kenya, keep my lifestyle, and have a carbon footprint just slightly more than average there.

i’m curious about your guys’ footprints - what other countries could you live your current lives within average or close-to-average footprint?

Meghan Hawthorn
Comments (2)
  • Devon Polley Devon Polley April 30, 2012
    i could not live in ireland
  • Youssef Zoheiry Youssef Zoheiry May 5, 2012
    Hi Brittany, I agree with all the statements you have stated above, Because i think it is very important to think of the consequences of high carbon footprint and i agree with the idea of dealing with high carbon footprint but i think you should begin thinking of how to lower your carbon footprint so i think the most important thing know is to let everyone know the problems of high carbon footprints but i think it would be important to tell them how to decrease it. Some of the ways to decrease carbon footprint (you didn't mention above) is to buy food from local stores and to decrease the usage of cars like instead of going with your friends to the club with two cars you can only go with one or even walk and more ideas like this idea.

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Meghan Hawthorn

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