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Good Ideas: A Celebration of Human Ingenuity

Good Ideas: A Celebration of Human Ingenuity Discussion </> Embed Share Join Now 2

Good Ideas: A Celebration of Human Ingenuity

Moderated by Megan McCausland
This project is about capturing and sharing the innovative things that happen when people think outside the box.
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Discussions Discussion Good Ideas: A Celebration of Human Ingenuity
Megan McCausland, Oct. 3, 2011

In this rough economy when it’s hard to find work, this labor exchange is a great idea! http://www.hourexchangeportland.org/howitworks.php

Megan McCausland
Comments (1)
  • srini n srini n Dec. 19, 2011
    This is service barter, Barter 2.0, if you like!

    I am not trying to be cynical or negative but this will work when people are softened up and are a bit desperate. Once members get their urgent things got done they will start evaluating what they give in an hour vs what they get in an hour. This is inevitable as Maslow's needs hierarchy starts kicking in.

    Money came in to sort out these valuation issues. It is said that money had 4 basic functions:

    (i) Medium of exchange

    (ii) Measurement of value;

    (iii) Standard of deferred payments

    (iv) Store of value

    But now money, or its value, itself is the problem!

    We need far sighted men to work on this and the rest of us to accpet what they come up with. When the Keynesian adage 'all men are dead in the long run' is applied indiscriminately, like it was in the sub prime mortgage scandals that lead to the present global financial crisis in 2008, we will find Kenes was too optimistic as all men may die in the short run as well :(

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