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Martin E Seattle USA, May 3, 2012

hello my name is Martin and am from WA and my biology class has just participated on the carbon footprint challenge, I found out that most of my carbon tracks came from the airplane rides I took, I learned that airplanes give off a lot of carbon

Martin E Seattle USA
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  • John Labib John Labib May 4, 2012
    I agree with you because airplanes gives alot of carbon and you should avoid traveling that much.
  • Jason Hodin Jason Hodin May 4, 2012
    one thing you can do if you must travel by plane is to take direct flights if possible, and then use local or regional transportation to get from the airport to your final destination. This is because much of the emissions in flying is burned during takeoff & landing, and also because stops take you out of the direct flying path.
  • Azad Alexanian Azad Alexanian May 5, 2012
    hey Martin, i think that you can't control how many times you ride a plane, but you can try to decrease your footprint by carpooling and turning off lights when ur not in your room
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