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Marie-Claire C-USA, Nov. 18, 2011

When I read the description to this group, one thing immediately came to my mind: bears. Now, your probably wondering what bears have to do with anything, but in my biology class, we did an activity. In this activity, each student (there were 23 of us) had to simulate being a bear, gathering food one piece at a time, and taking it back to the den. Each of us had to collect a certain amount of food to survive. Our teacher spread out pieces of paper to represent the food and we did this trial two times. On average, ten out of the twenty-three “bears” collected enough food to live. What shocked me was that when we averaged out the food that had been layed out, there was enough to feed about 23 bears; the entire class. The carrying capacity for this environment ended up being 10 because some bears got more food than they needed, but it could have been 23. This situationn represents our situation as humans. Some of us have ample food and take it for granted, while others hardly have enough to survive. Attached is a link to calculate the amount of food in calories that you need each day. Just think about how much greater earth’s carrying capacity could be if we only ate what we needed to stay healthy. We could reduce our carbon footprit while saving millions of lives.

Marie-Claire C-USA
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  • Alyssa M -USA Alyssa M -USA Nov. 20, 2011
    This is a really good observation, Marie-Claire! I never even thought about how interaction between animals is so similar to interaction between humans. Now looking back on the activity, I'm starting to notice how much food was put out on the floor, and how few bears gathered enough to survive. During one of our trials not even half of the “bears” lived.

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Marie-Claire C-USA

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