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Maja Pogačar, May 17, 2012

Hello everybody!
My name is Maja and I’m from Slovenia.
I didn’t know how much CO2 I release, so I took the test of Carbon Printfoot. I thougt that my footprint will be higher than average person in SLovenia, but I was wrong. My average is 6676 kg per year. Average in Slovenia is about 7362kg. I live about 5 km away from my home, so I have to travel by car, which takes about 5 minutes. I travel buy car five times a week. If I go on foot, It takes about 45 minutes, which is a waste of time. I think I’m not that kind of person, who would try to destroy nature. We have a big garden with lots of home made vegetables like tomatos, potatos, lettuce, strawberrys so we don’t have to buy them at the supermarket. I’m lucky because we have lots of rain and sun which is good for it. I’m trying to safe as much money as possible. I’m not buying lots of clothes, because I get some hand-me-down clothes from my cousin. At home, we have solar cells on roof, which absorbs sun rays so that’s why we have hot water all year long.
In my future, I’m going to go on foot as many times as possible and I’m going to continue travelling by car. I’m going to grow more vegetables and fruit in our garden.

Maja Pogačar
Comments (3)
  • Sally S-Sweden Sally S-Sweden Sept. 29, 2012
    Hi! I really look up to your lifestyle. But what is it that lets out so much carbon? I have around 4000 kg something and i don't have solar cells on my roof, we don't plant vegetables in our garden and I basically always buy new clothes. I live in Sweden. So it's wierd that you have so much more. I mean, I also travel by car some times per week to different places.
  • Ria M-USA Ria M-USA Oct. 2, 2012
    Hi Maja! I admire the fact that you have your own garden at home to save trips from going to the market, but if you have a slight problem with traveling to school, why don't you try carpooling with a friend? Sharing a car ride with someone can save a lot of gas & money. I have a friend who lives about 5 minutes away from our school by car with the same walking distance as you. So I told her the same thing; carpool. Give it a try! :)
  • Julie B-France Julie B-France Oct. 5, 2012
    You have good results and you have a big garden with vegetable, it's a good example for everybody ! I have solar system and I think that it's very ecological like you. For me, people who want to destroy nature are not many… I have a total of 3782 kg of CO2 per year but I admire what you do for nature !

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Maja Pogačar

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