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Maeva P-Spain, Feb. 20, 2012

Hi! I’ve a link about the internet and the energy, it’s in spanish so i’m gonna tell you what is it, it tell us the consume electric of the internet is very high, and every year the footprint of the world is a 2% more because our masive use of internet, the internet will be expanded in equal mode in Africa and Asia in the future so imagine!
And it tell us too, the social nets like twitter, facebook or something like that are very catastrophic because the millions of messages in a month of everybody.
I’m not a good example of ecologist because i use the social nets but i´m very worried for that.
If you want you can click thee link and have a look, it’s very interesting, if you don´t understand spanish sorry sorry
And sorry for my english, i’m not perfect!

Maeva P-Spain

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Maeva P-Spain


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