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Discussions Discussion Food & hunger
Lucija L-Croatia, April 29, 2012

Hello, I have joined this discussion because I think that most people are either not aware of the problem of starvation and the lack of food in certain parts of the world or that, even if they are informed about it, they don’t care enough and simply let thousands and thousands of malnourished and hungry children die in front of our eyes.

I am aware of the problem and to me it is both amazing and terribly sad that some people have too much and some don’t have almost anything.

Open your hearts, watch these two videos, and tell me - is this normal? I don’t think so. It’s shocking. We need to help these people, especially kids, who live in terrible conditions. We must do our best and try to help them survive and enjoy in every second of their life. They have much bigger problems than we have. Our problems versus theirs are zero, nothing. Our parents are alive, we live decent lives in nice flats and family houses, our schools are clean and warm, there is always dinner waiting for us on the table when we return home after having played some sports with our friends, we have mobile phones, access to the Internet, we spend our summer holidays at the seaside and they, obviously – have nothing at all. They seem to be completely helpless.

I think that we should unite, help them get enough food and money to get educated, find a job and live a decent life! I expect your comments :)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udl9K6L1ekI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJjJ5WB3izg
Lucija L-Croatia
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  • Ana B-USA Ana B-USA Nov. 11, 2012
    In order to help lessen world hunger, I believe that people should buy and provide only the food that they need. The UN states that an estimated billion tons of valuable food goes to waste every year. Much food is wasted every year due to excess food rotting after being discarded or simply not being purchased to be later discarded as well. A large amount of food is wasted due to the overstocking of supermarket shelves and an overproduction of food. There is such an abundance of this food that there is more supply than demand for it. Instead of being used to feed the poor and help those in need, this food is usually thrown out or discarded. Even the food that is sold goes to waste. Many people throw away tons of perfectly edible uneaten food into the trash every day. Much of this waste is caused by people in first-world countries like the U.S., the UN, along with many others. The amount of food wasted in the U.S. alone could be used to feed over 25 million people! If we can find a way to avoid the wasting of this one billion tons of food and utilize it to feed the poor, I believe a great step towards solving world hunger could be taken.
    Links to News Articles and Sources:

    Very nice post, Lucia. :)

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Lucija L-Croatia

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