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Lorena D-Croatia, Feb. 26, 2012

It´s a fact that we don´t appreciate food enough. Most of us lives in country where we have everything we need and we don´t wonder what it would be like if we would´t have water or bread. Everday I watch milions of people throwing food away without even thinking of the ones who would be more then happy to eat anything. We are concerned by some material and unnecessary things, I believe we should stop and think for a moment and be grateful for everything we have.

Here´s my favourite picture of all time, this two little boys who smile unspite everything! This picture really gives me inspiration and strenght day after day :)

Lorena D-Croatia
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  • Dubravka Cokrlic Dubravka Cokrlic Feb. 26, 2012
    Children are great inspiration for many of us, aren't they? Just look at the beauty and innocence of their eyes and smile!
    Here are several videos I have just found - they can make us think not only about children's basic needs (that we should provide for) but also about different life choices we constantly make.
    Have we done enough to protect them? Have we really tried hard enough to build a better world for them? Have we made our own unique contribution by making a film, building a school, publishing an article, revitalising a village, protecting nature?

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Lorena D-Croatia
Lorena D-Croatia

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