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Discussions Discussion Food & hunger
Lina L-Slovenia, May 2, 2012

I joined this discussion, because I think, that hunger is one of the most important issues this days. My carbon footprint for food wasn’t so high, but it could be lower, because I’m not a vegetarian and I don’t eat organic food. I was reading all posts you’ve written and I agree with almost everything you wrote. For example food fights, I have never even imagin, that this is really a problem. All the food that is wasted there, could be send to some poorer countries (Africa). Every time I see those litlle children, who are hungry and probablly sick, I get tears in my eyes. I just wish that someone could really help them, for a better life. I don’t agree with the post, where it writes, that some Americans eat unhealthy food because they don’t have enough money to eat healthy. I think they just don’t have enough time and they go to fast food restaurants.

Lina L-Slovenia

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Lina L-Slovenia

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