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Laura V-Croatia, Feb. 26, 2012

Hello everyone !

I’m Laura from Pozega, Croatia, and I’m really glad I have joined the ISCFC and this discussion group. I think it’s useful and inspiring for all those who care about our planet Earth but also for those who unfortunately - don’t.

My carbon footprint result is 6933 kg of CO2 per year, compared to an average of 5736 kg for Croatia.
Honestly, I have expected it would be even higher because my family spends a lot of electricity. Our home appliances are in use at least 16h a day. But maybe my purchases (244 kg) and transportation(492 kg), which are below the average for my region, helped me avoid being placed among even more careless spenders of energy.
We have central heating which is on from 7a.m. to 00:00 every day during winter season. It consumes a lot of gas and money so we have decided to buy wood furnace. It is less dangerous for environment and less expensive than central heating.
The quiz I took helped me become aware of my carbon footprint and now I am ready to change some of my habits. I have decided to spend less electricity because I really don’t need every appliance 16h a day!
I sincerely hope that it will help our mother nature because it needs us now. :)
Here are some interesting videos I have found: those three about animals are cute and relaxing, while the last one is rather dramatic and warning.

Hope you will like watching them!





Laura V-Croatia
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Laura V-Croatia

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