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Kristina M-Slovenia, May 2, 2012

There is always a better way. Ok it is better to recycle than to throw items to a trash can because these items will be use again. So recycle is good but that doens’t mean that we can’t use these items in another way. I saw some old rubber boots and how people turned them into a vase. I really liked that because it so unusually. I think we can reuse some items if we use our imagination.

Kristina M-Slovenia
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  • Susannah L-United States Susannah L-United States Oct. 2, 2012
    I completely agree! We should always try to find a way to reuse before we just recycle things, because then we'll just end up buying more new things that we'll end up recycling, too!

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Kristina M-Slovenia

Šolski center Srečka Kosovela

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