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Kemy Khedr, May 5, 2012

Hey, my name is Kemy Khedr and I live in Cairo, Egypt. I am a ninth grader in the American International School in Egypt. My carbon footprint was 11,164 kg in total. I was very surprised at these results because I thought my carbon footprint was be the same as the average person in my country. I am not very happy with the amount of CO2 that i produce alone, I believe I can produce less. I learned that each person matters and that we all effect what happens to our country and the environment. I will try and car pool with more people and I will also reduce the brightness of my laptop so the battery does not run out as quick. I could also spend less time on electronics and I could spend more time in the outdoors. If you would like to contact me please feel free to follow me on twitter: @KemyKhedr.

Kemy Khedr

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Kemy Khedr

American International School (AIS)

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