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Kelsie Berry, April 27, 2012

Hello, my name is Kelsie Berry. I attend North Adams High School Seaman,OH. My Carbon Footprint told me that i mostly give off carbon at home, from heating an cooling during the seasons. Where do u mostly give off Carbon?? I would also like to know lots more ways to help reduce the amount of Carbon i give off every year.

Kelsie Berry
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  • aly bahaa aly bahaa May 5, 2012
    i give of most of my carbon in food due to that i play allot of sports. i think if you want to reduce your carbon usage you can use less lights u can also in winter use fire to warm up instead of heating if your building has a fire place and in summer only us cooling if it is really hot
  • Ahmed Sorour Ahmed Sorour May 5, 2012
    I give off carbon mostly in both transportation and at home. I'm used to charging my phone overnight, leaving my fan on for the whole day and more energy consuming things. I'm attempting to slow down my consumption of energy and lower my co^2 footprint.
    My hightest categories were also home energy and trasportation. because a most of the times i dont turn of my air conditioner and i watch alot of tv. i lived far away from my school so i need to use the bus the entire weak.
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Kelsie Berry

North Adams High school
United States

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