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Discussions Discussion Wants or needs?
Katie B- USA, Nov. 17, 2011

Electronics are something that everyone wants or thinks that they need. Almost every home in America contains at least one electronic device. I’m not going to say that the use of electronics is bad, but the number of hours we spend using electronics or the number of hours that electronics are left on can be reduced. When electronics are left on and unattended, they still use energy. Electronics should be turned off when not using to limit the amount of energy used. When a device is left plugged in and does not need to be, energy is still flowing to that device. If something is left plugged into the wall but it is not in use, electricity is still flowing through the plug. That is a lot of unnecessary energy being used. I think that everyone can make a difference by simply turning off their electronics when they are not being used and unplug chargers when they are not needed.

Katie B- USA

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Katie B- USA

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