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Discussions Discussion Family footprint
Karly Boerger, April 25, 2012

Hey everyone! My family carbon footprint is really low compared to the average because my family does a bunch of different things like using CFL lights, recycling, reusing, hand-washing dishes, buying cheaper clothes, and buying food as we need it. So that’s why my family’s footprint is lower than the “average”.

Karly Boerger
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  • Randall Dunkin Randall Dunkin April 27, 2012
    Would it be easier for you to stick with recycling if a recycling center were more conveniently located? Some materials cannot be recycled locally.
  • Karly Boerger Karly Boerger April 30, 2012
    Possibly but then it wouldn't be convenient for anyone else because I live so far away in the middle of nowhere anyways.
  • Jake C Seattle USA Jake C Seattle USA May 3, 2012
    wow i wish i could do that! i am pretty lazy about some of that stuff but i should REALLY take that as inspiration and save our planet
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Karly Boerger

North Adams High School
(I'm on the left)
United States

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