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karim barakat, May 5, 2012

Hi everyone my name is Karim barakat, i’am from Egypt, Cairo. I did my footprint survey couple of days ago and i discoverd that my carbon footprint was about four times more then my country’s average carbon footprint. I think that the reason for my high Carbon footprint is becouse i live far from my school so i have to use alot of transportation and also because of the use of alot of air conditioning in the hot summer. I learned in what categories did my carbon consumption exceeded and in which categories should i work on to decrease my carbon footprint. In conclution to my discussion i have came up with a way to decrease my carbon foot print which is to use less air conditioning in the summer and to try a share a car with a friend instead of using a car alone and increasing my carbon footprint.

karim barakat
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karim barakat

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