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Buick's Celebrity Chef Food Tour

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Buick’s Celebrity Chef Food Tour

Moderated by K Young
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Discussions Discussion Buick’s Celebrity Chef Food Tour
K Young, Jan. 12, 2012

While the North American International Auto Show is going on at Cobo Center in Detroit now, this weekend in sunny SoCal, Buick is continuing an interesting car-meets-foodie tour around the country that is a way to allow potential customers to test drive its latest lineup and see that this is not your grandfather’s Buick, while you get to meet super chefs like TV’s MIng Tsai, Hugh Achely and Ben Roche, the molecular gastronomy guy, who makes desserts with liquid nitrogen. This invite-only event comes to the OC this weekend and LA next. There’s a giveaway for a pair of tickets…Oh, and you get an autographed cookbook from the celebrity chef as a parting gift!

K Young
Comments (1)
  • Andrew P Andrew P Jan. 12, 2012
    cool marketing, reminds me of how toyota did scion tours and you could find them at clubs & concerts

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