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John Thabet, April 30, 2012

Hello, my name is John Thabet from Cairo, Egypt and I’m a freshmen at the American International School of Egypt. I recently participated in the Carbon Footprint Challenge and found out that my CF is long above average.After completing the survey, I have really been trying to reduce the amount of CO2 I produce each day. This survey helped me a lot and alerted me and made me aware with the situation. Doing this survey made me aware of what I was doing and also taught me that sometimes we as human beings might do bad things to our Environment and think that we’re are really doing nothing. Some actions that I can take that can help reduce my CO2 are by trying to reduce from every single thing I do. For example, I can turn off the lights of the room when Im not using them. I can also avoid stops while I travel with a plane. By these types of ways, I can easily reduce the amount of CO2 i produce each year since traveling is the most thing I have that produces a lot of CO2.

John Thabet

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John Thabet


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