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Jenny B-Sweden, April 20, 2012

Hello everybody! My name is Jenny and I’m a student from Stockholm.

What shocked me the most when doing this carbon footprint exercise was the amount CO2 emissions released by flying. I tend to travel quite a lot with my family, so I had a rather high footprint. I really enjoy travelling, but maybe I could give up a couple of flights a year for the greater good.

However, I think that the most important aspect of CO2 emissions is what we all could do on a daily basis. We all need to think of, for example, turning off the lights when we leave a room. That isn’t a challenge or huge sacrifice for everybody to make, just flick a switch once you leave a room. Another thing we could do is reuse for example bags when we go grocery shopping, not a difficult thing to do.

In Sweden, the winters can get really cold and last really long. Instead of simply relying on heating systems we could use extra blankets and socks to keep warm. Another problem during the winter is the fact that the public transports usually run late or get cancelled. Improvements need to be made in the public transports in order to encourage people to avoid using a car of their own all the time.

Jenny B-Sweden
Comments (2)
  • amina ibrahim amina ibrahim April 22, 2012
    hey! My name is amina ibrahim i am from AIS school on egypt. I totally agree with your idea of using blankets and socks to stay warm.
  • Vendela vF-Sweden Vendela vF-Sweden April 23, 2012
    Hi Jenny!
    I really agree with your idea of doing the little things every day. Just as you say it isn't a huge sacrifice to turn of the lights when you leave a room or wearing an extra shirt in winter. I think we would all agree to these things for the greater good.

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Jenny B-Sweden

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