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Discussions Discussion Welcome to Einztein
Jason Hodin, April 26, 2012

Hello and welcome to all International Student Carbon Footprint Challenge (ISCFC) participants!

It’s great to have you introduce yourselves, but I wanted to let those of you who are new to Einztein know that Einztein is full of hundreds of different discussion topics. This one is called “Welcome to Einztein,” and is for ALL Einztein members, not just ISCFC students.

To make a post that is most visible and relevant to the ISCFC go to this link:

That link takes you to the ISCFC Learning Group at Einztein. ISCFC participants should:
1) Join your Learning Group
2) Explore the ISCFC-associated Discussions listed half way down your learning group page
3) join the Discussions that interest you
4) Post your comments related to the ISCFC in one or more of those Discussions

Below is a link to a simple guide to the ISCFC at Einztein which gives you more information on how to better use the site.


Jason Hodin

ISCFC Media & Content Design
Stanford University


Jason Hodin
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Jason Hodin

Stanford, Hopkins Marine Station
Pacific Grove, CA
United States

50 Posts
1 Group
8 Discussions

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