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Jasmine Elerian, April 30, 2012

Hi my name is Jasmine Elerian and im from Egypt. My carbon footprint was a little bit below the average of an Egyptian. Even though it was below the average i think it was pretty high because i use so many thgings that i don’t need. by doing this survey i learned that i use alot of things i don’t need or could replace. to reduce my carbon footprint i can start reusing things, carpool/ride bike, use less electricity, and not buy food from outside.

Jasmine Elerian
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  • Gabe F Gabe F May 1, 2012
    Mine is way above a lot of people's in the US. It's a little embarrassing, but not really because I walk a lot. I guessed that I went on about 3 trips on a plane, there and back, so that is why my footprint is so high. Most other categories except for transportation were average or lower.
  • Tommy Balcom Tommy Balcom May 2, 2012
    Mine was way below, probably because i walk everywhere
  • Lindsay F Seattle, WA Lindsay F Seattle, WA May 3, 2012
    my average was below the average american and i was proud of that until i looked at the averages of every other country and realized how much i use that i don't need. i think my biggest issue is re-using materials, because i simply don't. i can also make a larger effort in walking, but it's always rainy here. for you, world, i will invest in a bigger umbrella
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Jasmine Elerian

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