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Discussions Discussion Is climate change real? Is it mostly human …
Jack T, May 1, 2012

I feel like global warming is one of those issues that is far more serious than people realize. Apart from weather changes and the changing environment in the arctic, global climate change threatens our lives if not unchecked. If the path we’re on continues, many areas of the world may flood sooner than we realize. I think we need to work towards conservation much faster than we are.

Jack T
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  • Stephanie SKJÆRETHORBJØRNSEN - Seattle, WA.United States Stephanie SKJÆRETHORBJØRNSEN - Seattle, WA.United States May 3, 2012
    Well there's so many different ways to help, but [John,] honestly it's not awareness we need, so many people are well aware we're headed in this direction. Hannah O definetely has a point, and some people just don't know what they can do. So maybe not so much about awareness, but informing people on action.
  • ahmed el badry ahmed el badry May 7, 2012
    If everyone in society can just contribute a little bit of their normal every-day lives, our enviornment would be safer and a step towards removing Global Warming. Your view on Global Warming is very essential to all of human nature and portraits the average caring human being, great job and continue your struggle towards awareness.
  • sarrah woodall sarrah woodall May 18, 2012
    We have been taught to more decribe the changes not as global warming, but to use the technical term global climate change. The earth may be going through a cycle, but in order to confirm that, we must have records throughout the milleniums to confirm that it is true. Maybe it is a pattern, maybe it is not.
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Jack T

Ballard High School
United States

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