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March 20 - Global Commons, Global Goods

March 20 - Global Commons, Global Goods Discussion </> Embed Share Ask to Join 103

March 20 - Global Commons, Global Goods Restricted

Moderated by HHGEC
Lecturer: Bernstein

Learning Objectives:
1. Distinguish global environmental change as an emerging field in environmental health
2. Cite relevant examples that establish the importance of global environmental change to health
3. Define commons problems and discuss how global environmental changes differ from more limited environmental problems as commons problems.

1. Hardin G. 1968. The tragedy of the commons. Science; 162: Pp.1243-1248. http://www.sciencemag.org/content/162/3859/1243.full.pdf
2. Hardin G. 1998. Extensions of 'The Tragedy of the Commons. Science; 280: Pp. 682-683.
3. Kennedy D. 2003. Sustainability and the commons. Science; Pp. 302:1861.
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