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Henry Watson, Oct. 27, 2011

I am an Application Consultant/Architect/Developer with a focus on emerging technologies and innovation in learning. I am particularly interested in business and practical use of virtual worlds, augmented reality, serious games, and social learning. I live in Vancouver Canada and currently am working on a very exciting project for IBM that involves many of these elements.

Here is an example of one of my previous projects for IBM that was awarded a Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning award for Best Use of Virtual Worlds for Learning:


I am open to discuss and assist in any innovative learning projects that involve emerging technologies for the benefit of improving the learning experience.

Henry Watson
Comments (3)
  • Jamie Billingham Jamie Billingham Oct. 27, 2011
    Amazing project! I'm an MA student - interdisciplinary - leadership, learning and technology - Needless to say I hope you share more of what you are doing.
  • Henry Watson Henry Watson Oct. 27, 2011
    Thanks Jamie! My current project involves a 3D serious game / business simulation supported by a website containing various social tools that enable participants to connect, share, and learn from one another. This project is part of IBM's Smart Play Framework which is described in this short video: http://youtu.be/C1YaQRVLaIA
    If/when footage of this project is published I'll be sure to post it here. Cheers, Henry
  • srini n srini n Nov. 23, 2011
    Henry, I am glad to stumble upon your post. I am not a techie nor I have the patience to try out myself what I am stating below!

    I wonder if SL can be used in imparting training. Like can we use SL to impart soft skill training to individuals wgo are scattered at different places and cannot get together for a net meeting or web video conference.

    If that is possible how can it be done? Is there already some such resources available?
    If it is possible I am seeing an additional social benefit in reducing travel and thus leaving less carbon footprint.

    At the moment I am just curious about the possibilities of SL in this area of application but may later want to make commercial use of this concept. So pl advise me if you think it fit.

    Thanks in anticipation :)

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Henry Watson

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