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heidi badowi, April 23, 2012

My name is Heidi Badwoi from AIS in Cairo. After taking the survey, I found out my C02 emissions were quite high. Not just for my country but high globally a well. The one major thing that increases me C02 is air travel. I travel frequently with my family on international trips. This alone was more than half of the high emissions. As little as I eat meat or as much as much as my household conserves in the home couldn’t really compete with the fact I travel so much. Truthfully, I am surprised it mattered so much. But I don’t really see a way around it. My family travels, I’m in high school, I go with them.
I had never really thought of global warming before, this has opened my eyes up to how everything we do has an impact on our earth. But really, is my cutting down on shower time going to balance out what large corporations and oil companies emit? I doubt it. I will try to conserve where i can in the future. But I think some regulating of emissions from companies would help the earth a whole lot more.

heidi badowi
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  • Jason Hodin Jason Hodin April 26, 2012
    Dear Heidi

    You can try to limit emissions while flying if you limit your number of stops. This is because much of the fuel burned during flights is during takeoff and landing, and also because stops can take you on an indirect route with more total flying distance; thus a non-stop flight has less emissions than a flight with stops.

    You can try these two ideas to limit your number of stops:

    1) by prioritizing non-stop flights when your family makes airline reservations. The little extra cost of a non-stop ticket might be worth it in terms of convenience and lower emissions, and sometimes non-stop flights are even cheaper.

    2) by only taking an airplane for the main part of your travel, but taking other transit afterwords. For example, let's say you and your family are flying from Cairo to London. Maybe the cheapest flight involved stopping in Paris and then changing planes and flying from there to London. But what if you just flew non-stop to Paris, and then took a train or a bus from Paris to London? The whole thing might be even cheaper, and you could even see some countryside along the way.
  • heidi badowi heidi badowi May 5, 2012
    Thanks Jason for your ideas. We actually already do that. My family only flies non stop already. We rent a car when we get there and all six of us travel together. So, it's kind of like we're global carpoolers. :)
  • Naomi C - Sweden Naomi C - Sweden Oct. 5, 2012
    Hi Heidi!
    You're right, you cutting down on shower time will not balance out what large corporations and oil companies emit, but it WILL make a difference. A small difference, yes, but nevertheless a difference. Imagine if all of us cut down on shower time! Even if we got out of the shower 5 min earlier than usual! It would make a huge difference, we'd save gallons and gallons of water!
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heidi badowi


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