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Hana Salama, May 4, 2012

Hi, my name is Hana Salama I live in Cairo, Egypt. I’, currently in ninth grade, I go to the American International School of Egypt. I currently joined in the Carbon footprint challenge and discovered that my CF exceeds the average of my country. After seeing the results of my survey,and finding out how much CO2 I use, I’m working on trying reduce the amount of CO2 I produce everyday day. Thanks to this survey made me aware of this problem. The survey made me notice of what I was doing wrong, and it also proved that we do plenty of things that harm our environment but we don’t notice it because it’s there but it doesn’t show. A couple of things I could do to help reduce CO2 could be small things that could make a huge difference for example I could switch off the lights when not needed, I could car pool, to stop ordering as much take out, I stop using paper bags and use the recycled ones, not keeping the water running, walk and take bike rides more often to close distances, I can without a doubt reduce the amount on CO2 I produce each year by doing these small things.

Hana Salama

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Hana Salama

American Internattional School Of Egypt

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