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Hana Hanafi, May 6, 2012

Hi, my name is Hana Hanafi. I’m from Cairo, Egypt, and I go to the American International School in Egypt. My carbon footprint was way above average which is something very unhelpful for my country. From this survey i learned that i ruin my country with my own hands. one of the things i could do is that I can help by watching out how much light i use that i dont need and how much electricty overall that i dont need. I cant help in transportation because I cant ride a bycicle from my house to the club where i train or from home to school its too far and in Egypt its not like America they have their neighborhood right next to the school. I can also help in recycling more at school and at home to help the whole world, i also have to encourage my friends and teachers to do the same thing. The carbon is begining to destroy our world, we have to start doing at least SOMETHING about it.

Hana Hanafi

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Hana Hanafi

The American International School in Egypt

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