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García Cristina, May 6, 2012

Hi!I train all the days of the week because I do triathlon. That should us to go the the swimming pool or to the pavilion by car all the days. Actually we use a lot of petrol, because we travel 150 km per week more or less, but we go all in two cars to try save.
When I did the part of transport on the footprint page, I was very surprised, because my expense was the triple of the spanish average, and this made myself thinking: Vedra, the village where I live, must have more public transport, because, if all the people who train with me can go to the training place by a public bus, we can save the petrol what a car use in 100 km, five days per week! That’s incredible!
This kind of things must operate in all our country, a place where the sport it’s so important, becouse… How much people have the same situation of me? A lot of you, I think.

García Cristina

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García Cristina

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