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Farida Moustafa, May 2, 2012

My name is Farida Moustafa, I’m from Cairo, Egypt. My carbon footprint was way higher then the average, especially in the transportation section. I personally produce a very high amount of carbon footprint. By doing this survey I learned a lot, most of what I learned is that the amount of carbon we produce is damaging our environment really fast, and that those small stuff we do and think that doesn’t change any thing have a very big effect on our outer world. To change this I am willing to work very hard and try to do all of the things I will say to reduce the amount I produce. To start with the transportation because it was my highest point I will try to take the bus more, and when I’m going out with my friends to take the same car instead of going with 2 cars. For the home section I will close all the lights when they are not needed, unplug my TV, laptop or charger when it’s not in use. For the 3rd part that is food and it was high as well, to help that I will try to not buy from fast food stores because they come from far away, I will try to buy them from stores that are close and not coming from far away. My last point would be the purchases, I can’t actually find a big point for this but I wont buy stuff I don’t need just enough stuff to complete my needs. All these points that I listed are enough to reduce the amount of carbon footprint per year.

Farida Moustafa

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Farida Moustafa

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