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Farah makhlouf, May 20, 2012

My name is Hannan Hassan, but i am using my friend’s account because there is something wrong with mine. I live in Egypt, Cairo, I am from there. . My total foot print was 30314. For my region i had a high average compared to the normal human in Egypt. I think my carbon footprint was high because transportation and purchases. My transportation was 18860 kg because i go a lot of places; i always go out to many places on weekend, i go to private lessons in places thats far away from my school everyday, i go shopping a lot, and i do a lot of things. Also in my purchases I had 220 kg, because i don’t use the bag more than once when i go shopping and some stuff else, i have to recycle more stuff and use them more than once.

Farah makhlouf

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Farah makhlouf

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