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Erica L-USA, Feb. 10, 2012

I try to get new things very rarely. I used my phone for two months after the screen had completely shattered, and only stopped once the screen protector no longer held the glass shards in and I was cutting my fingertips frequently. I got my dad the new iPad 2 for Christmas and in turn he gave me his old one so that I had an eReader (now that books are obsolete). I have friends who upgrade the new iPhone the first chance they get, and I’m very ashamed of them.

Erica L-USA
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  • Liyanna S-USA Liyanna S-USA Feb. 13, 2012
    I agree that society's obsession with 'new new newer' can get (ironically) old. I have only had two phones since 7th grade, and the same computer too. Admittedly, it is a little slow, but its fine—who needs to spend the money for a few less download minutes? not me!
    And shout out to all the surviving book lovers out there, because I will read off real paper for as long as I can! :) even if it is technically not as environmental…
  • srini n srini n Feb. 14, 2012
    It is a little more connected and hence complicated, this ereader v books. Even e-reader consumes electric power derived from batteries (chemicals) or electricity (coal, water, wind, nuclear etc) whereas the book>paper>trees link is more easily visible. The debate is similar to the gas-guzzling cars and the electric cars.

    I am not an expert but we shd be able to establish an equation between book and e-reader in terms of their impact on environment - depletion of natural resources and leaving carbon footprint. Today we still are not talking such a holistic fashion as widely as we should be.
  • Jake Moffatt Jake Moffatt Feb. 14, 2012
    I agree, when people say that electric cars have zero emissions, they “forget” to mention where the electricity comes from. However, the good thing about e-readers such as the Kindle or the Nook is that they consume very little power, and could therefore be easily charged by something as simple as a solar cell integrated into the case.
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Erica L-USA

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