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Emma B-USA, Nov. 17, 2011

Last week I took the test to calculate my carbon footprint. As I was doing this, I really thought I would be above the average for our country (United States). For almost all of the categories I was suprisingly under the average. Except for the energy I use at home. I realise that I can do a lot to cut down on my carbon footprint, but some of the things that need to be changed around my house are things that my parents control. So recently I have started talking to my parents about how we can reduce the amout of energy that we use at home, such as changing the temerature that we keep our house at, or changing our incandescent light bulbs to CFLs. I think that simple changes can really help out everyone’s carbon footprint. I’m glad that I went to my parents for help with the amount of energy that we use daily in our home.

Emma B-USA
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  • Emma Grace B-USA Emma Grace B-USA Nov. 17, 2011
    After calculating my carbon footprint, I also reached out to my family, and shared with them my ideas for conserving more energy. We have begun looking into different light bulbs. Another issue I adresesd was how we leave our lights on for most of the day. My brother and I actually made a pact to try to turn off lights as possible. My parents like to leave their iPhones plugged in all night. I suggested that they charge them while they are getting ready for bed, or while they are reading before bed and right before they go to bed, they will unplug them. They agreed with my suggestion and have started doing that as well. This link really gave me some ideas on what we could cut back on: http://www.tvakids.com/electricity/conservation.htm
  • Katie B- USA Katie B- USA Nov. 17, 2011
    Emma- I think that it is great that you went to your parents and asked them to help out too. I think that everyone in your family should help contribute to making changes around the home. A major contribution of all the energy used at home is keeping things plugged in when not needed. Here is a link I found on this topic: http://www.terrapass.com/blog/posts/energy-tip-10-remove-wall-warts-and-slay-electricity-vampir

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Emma B-USA

United States

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