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Discussions Discussion Wants or needs?
Elizabeta R-Croatia, March 2, 2012

Hello everyone!

While I was reading discussions about theme what I want and what I really need I realized how an increasing number of people have a problem with this issue.
In fact, big advertisement companies affect on our desires, they are trying to make us something we want to be able to sell it. Driven by that our desires may be unlimited. We have to control our desires, be aware of our possibilities and real needs.
We don´t need the latest computer, current one is simply enough. We don´t need new cell phone, old one still serves a purpose. We don´t need two or more TV-s in house, single one is enough. We can live even without it. In all that technology we´re losing sense for each other and for good judgement. We´re losing our humanity. We are becoming blind for those who are really in need.

Elizabeta R-Croatia
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  • Sophie FSeattleUSA Sophie FSeattleUSA April 25, 2012
    I think you are very right about this; when I did the carbon footprint activity, my 'home' section of the total was much lower than my region's. The reason this is is because we don't use excessive heating and air conditioning, and we only have two phones between the three of us. We have one computer and one TV, and there's only one iPod in the whole house. Compared to other people here, this is a lot less. It is possible to get by with just this; no matter what other people appear to think.
  • Nicole V-Sweden Nicole V-Sweden April 26, 2012
    Hi Elizabeta:
    I totally agree with you. There are enormously differences between our real needs and the material things we buy because of trend. We not need technology or so called comforts to survive. I´m not underestimate the technology advances but some people are really crazy about have the latest apparats and they don´t even realize that other people are suffer from hunger and live in extreme poverty. We became blind and selfish and it causes that any changes arise. If everyone offer a bit of help to those people who really need it instead of buy luxury things we could approach a better world. It should definitely contribute to create a more equal world.
  • Felicia Smith Felicia Smith Sept. 28, 2012
    I agree with you aswell, the whole economic system is somewhat built upon that the consuments (us) will allways want more. A new tv, more clothes, latest phone…
    We truly have a society of mass consumption and when people doesn't buy as much the economy “crash” and some people loose their jobs. I dont think that this is the way it should be, just that we mustn't just change our behavior or tame our desires but the whole system. We have to in some way change our economig developement too one that goes hand in hand with a suistanable way of life rather than the one today that destroys the environment.
    And i guess a good way of doing that is as consuments show the companies that we want a change, by either buying more environmetally friendly products or tell that we'd rather have something of good quality that lasts longer than buying a bunch of things that gets broken fast
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