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Finding information in health and lifestyle

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Finding information in health and lifestyle

This unit will help you to identify and use information in health and lifestyle, whether for your work, study or personal purposes. Experiment with some of the key resources in this subject area, and learn about the skills which will enable you to plan searches for information, so you can find what you are looking for more easily. Discover the meaning of information quality, and learn how to evaluate the information you come across.
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Discussions Discussion Finding information in health and lifestyle
Mușat Adriana, Feb. 18, 2012

Healthy and balanced lifestyle
In order to lead a healthy life you need to keep under control both your body and you mind.
Therefore you should to:
-have a special diat: to eat fruits and vegetables and starchy food
-lose one kilogram per week by including more exercises in your daily routine
-avoid cooking meals using large amounts of fat and choose lean meat or low-fat tiems instead
-use fat-free milk for reducing fat in the diet
-reduse of stress
-be optimistic and happy
-have many of the best friends
-active and social life
-active brain


Mușat Adriana

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