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Devon Polley, April 27, 2012

People often tell me I need to decrease the impact I have on the environment. My only thought to this is that it is as low as I can get it. In my house we have 9; people this is a strain on our funds so we don’t buy in excess and use as little power as we can. But even with all of this management i still have a pretty good sized footprint (if you include my job). Me and my father work in construction and to afford the nine people in our house we pick up a lot of twelve hour days. this means driving a truck that gets 8 mpg (miles per gallon) all over to get supplies and carry tools. We also have to leave a lot of tools that drain A LOT of power on pretty much all day. and once it gets dark truning on BRIGHT flood lights that drain even more power. so I keep asking thes people that tell me I need to decrease my carbon footprint how they want me to do that and I they give me no answer. So if any of you have any ideas feel free to share.

(oh and sorry for any bad grammer or spelling)

Devon Polley
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  • Kirsten Matthews Kirsten Matthews April 30, 2012
    Well, now that you've seen the kinds of categories that the calculator put things in you can sort yourr job out with those kinds of categories also!
  • Jason Hodin Jason Hodin April 30, 2012
    It sounds like it would be difficult to lower the footprint of your family business. One idea would be to plan very carefully when you need to buy tools and supplies so that you can stop while you are on the way somewhere else, thus limiting the miles that you drive to those absolutely necessary for work. Lighting with very powerful lights can be a big drain on electricity, and in Ohio a lot of your electricity comes from sources like Coal and fossil fuels, so your electricity has a high footprint. There are fluorescent flood lights available which have the same brightness while using a LOT less electricity. The bulbs cost more initially, but pay for themselves in reduced electricity costs. The same is true for power tools & appliances, which if you buy ones that have energy star ratings may cost a bit more at the beginning, but pay for themselves in reduced fuel or electricity costs due to greater efficiency.
  • Devon Polley Devon Polley April 30, 2012
    i appreciate all of your suggestions and i will try to give them a shot
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Devon Polley

nahs (North Adams High School)
United States

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